Assessing behavioral styles that lead to success

Lantyrn Profile

Understanding our personal characteristics and how well we fit with the people around us can have a significant impact on both our satisfaction and effectiveness in life. The Lantyrn Profile was designed to identify a person’s core values, strengths, and self-image and their implications in various situations and social contexts. Because this assessment was made to integrate seamlessly with Reya’s culture diagnostics, it can be used as a powerful tool to align people and organizations.

Lantyrn Profile key benefits

  • As a general predictor of behavior, this profile is highly versatile and can be applied to a number of different challenges. It can be used as a development tool for increasing personal effectiveness, finding career success, and adopting the right leadership style. It is also useful for teams and organizations to manage and align talent. Finally, it can be applied to candidate selection and screening, to new employee orientation, team building, and for learning and development purposes.

  • Hiring for culture alignment

    The fastest way to change a culture – or to maintain a high performing one — is to ensure you have people that fit your desired company culture. This profile ensures that new hires align with your cultural imperatives.

  • More effective team dynamics

    Aligning the values and styles of people in a team will lead to higher team performance and more positive group dynamics.

  • Decreased turnover costs

    When people fit better with the culture of a company, turnover rates can be dramatically decreased, resulting in significantly lower HR costs.

  • Proven links to performance

    Individual and team behavioral styles can be linked directly with business outcomes such as speed of new employee orientation, employee engagement, team performance, and customer satisfaction.

  • Generate powerful profiles fast


    With an automated web survey and reporting toolkit, you’ll be able to immediately get to the people insights that really matter. These profiles can also be customized to suit your individual reporting needs.

  • An integrated model of behavior and success

    Integrated model

    This profile is based upon a scientific and universal model of human behavior. Both the model and assessment were designed to identify and measure a set of key factors that predict our success. The eight primary Lantyrn styles can be used to describe both people and groups and how they think and act. These styles result from our biology, psychology, social interactions. Every style is valid in its own right and has unique advantages and disadvantages.

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