Mapping and managing social networks

Lantyrn Networks

Lantyrn Networks makes it possible for unseen patterns of behavior and relationships to be uncovered and understood. Flows of information, influence, trust, and expertise are brought to light in vivid detail. This powerful software stands apart from other network analysis tools in how it is able to make complex social dynamics simple and understandable, framing problems and opportunities in real business terms. Its automated reporting infrastructure is optimized for specific organizational challenges, allowing for a pinpoint focus on relevant patterns and actionable insights.

Lantyrn Networks key benefits

  • Hidden beneath the surface of every organization is a complex network of social interactions, relationships, and information exchange. Social Network Analysis is a powerful new way to reveal the critical dynamics within a company. It does this by modeling the many relationships and interactions in an organization and identifying important patterns across people. This approach stems from the fact that people’s attitudes, feelings, and behaviors are driven as much by group dynamics as they are by the characteristics of individuals themselves.

  • Looking “beneath the surface”

    Network Analysis provides leaders with a view of the informal and often hidden dynamics within the organization — where influence lies, the structure of communities, or how information is flowing and decisions are being made.

  • Unlocking hidden potential in your people

    There exists a tremendous amount of knowledge, expertise and creativity lying dormant within every organization. Network analysis offers a powerful way to harness the full energy of your people and teams and enhance innovation and collaboration.

  • Managing change

    A key factor for successful change is knowing those individuals or groups that are most influential and how information and attitudes are shared throughout the organization. Network analysis offers a power way to enable successful change and assess risks and rewards within the context of large company integrations or transformation.

  • Enabling Transformational Leadership

    Social Network Analysis can be used to orient and integrate senior leaders into new organizations and to diagnose the impact that existing leaders are having. As opposed to traditional self-assessments or “360” degree surveys, networks show the subtle and true impact of leadership behaviors.

  • Three steps to mapping an organizational network

    • 1 Data Collection

      Network data is captured in various ways including web survey and digital communication mapping

    • Advanced analysis techniques are used to identify hidden patterns within a network

      2Network Analytics
    • 3Insight Reporting

      Automatically generate reports that provide immediate and actionable insights for your business

  • Visualizing informal networks

    Visualizing networks

    While there is a number of different ways to represent social network data, many of these methods share some common elements. People are usually represented by circles or dots; connections by lines. The size of a circle can either remain fixed or vary based upon a person’s degree of connectedness. Similarly, a connection line can either be shown as uniform or vary in thickness depending upon connection strength or significance. Lantyrn Networks provides interactive, online tools to visualize this information and explore social network dynamics.

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