Diagnosing and improving organizational culture

Lantyrn Culture

Reya’s culture toolkit was designed to help business leaders and change professionals assess, understand, and improve organizational culture and performance. As a diagnostic instrument, it models current and preferred culture characteristics and the impact that culture is having on the business. Multiple reports can be generated from the same simple but highly scientific assessment. The various reporting models can provide insights into areas such as company identity, organizational health, group dynamics, employee engagement, change management, and leadership style.

Lantyrn Culture key benefits

  • A strong and aligned culture is an important step toward creating lasting performance in every business. Organizational culture can be thought of as a set of learned and mostly unconscious assumptions that guide how people in the company think and act. Culture dictates how a company runs on a day-to-day basis. Because of this, it is vital to make sense of and purposefully manage culture. Doing so will allow the company to respond quickly and effectively to important challenges or opportunities and maintain a healthy and high performing organization.

  • Driving the right behavior

    More than any other aspect of an organization, culture holds the power to strongly influence the behavior and attitudes of employees. This, in turn, will have a tremendous impact on business outcomes such as customer orientation, innovation, employee engagement, and goal achievement.

  • Identifying group strengths and weaknesses

    The cultural characteristics and alignment of the various groups within a company will determine how well they function and how they interact with one another.

  • Managing change and integration

    Cultural profiles are extremely useful in managing organizational transitions- whether they be mergers, acquisitions, or change management initiatives. Understanding company and group cultures can dramatically reduce the risks of change and help to create successful transformations.

  • Proven links to performance

    Cultural alignment can be linked directly with key business outcomes such as employee engagement, customer satisfaction and even financial performance.

  • An integrative model

    Integrative model

    The Lantyrn Culture assessment is built upon an integrative and rigorous model of group behavior and success. This model defines a set of eight primary culture types that represent the dominant patterns of organizational character and effectiveness. These types have proven to be universal across industries and geographic regions. They arise from basic human motivations, values, and behavioral styles. The relative strengths and ordering of these types are used to diagnose and describe a culture profile.

    To arrive at this model, we have spent over a decade collecting and reviewing hundreds of best-practice behavioral frameworks. These models span over 100 years of cross-domain research and practice. By connecting the dots across many frameworks and fields of study, we are able to offer a more comprehensive and valuable set of insights and recommendations. No other culture framework is able to makes these same connections.

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