Reya Group

Reya is a cross-disciplinary team that helps people to see, understand, and improve social dynamics in meaningful and measurable ways.

Reya culture

  • Our name

    Our name

    Our name, Reya 睿芽 [ruì yá in Chinese pinyin] stems from two opposing ideas. 睿 [ruì] means old wisdom or knowledge and 芽 [yá] describes a newly sprouting seed.  This paradoxical combination of old and new, of the expert and the beginners mindset, represents an important aspect of who we are as a group.  We love time-tested knowledge and deep understandings and, at the same time, we believe in fresh perspectives and rejuvenation.

  • Beginnings


    The founding Reya Group team arose out of a small skunkworks within a multinational design and manufacturing company. The original members of Reya spent years together conducting R&D, consulting for clients, and acting as a change agent within their former organization before spinning out as a new and independent company.  While we still maintain a strategic alliance and friendship with our previous parent company, the focus of its work has changed dramatically from the original mandate.  Reya Group is fully owned by its founding members.

  • Reya today

    Reya today

    Currently, Reya is a hybrid business, integrating consulting services with software development.  We provide a unique range of services that focus on organizational culture, talent, leadership, customer experience and change management.  We also build scalable, cloud-based community platforms, research products, and people analytics. While we are based in Shanghai, we do regional and global projects for some of the world’s largest companies and build software for an international market.

  • Our future aspirations

    Our future aspirations

    We believe human systems are the source and solution for many of our planet’s most important challenges.  We would like to take part in the solution.  We will focus on creating healthy and productive communities and building a next generation of organizational forms.  We also aspire to be a top destination for the brightest and most integrative minds in our field and to foster an exceptional culture of learning, collaboration, and invention.

Reya people

Over the years, Reya has worked hard to foster both diverse expertise and cohesion within its team. Our people are inquisitive, creative, capable, and caring. Our culture is characterized by openness, flexibility, teamwork and a passion for intelligent solutions. We value knowledge and having a real impact in the world. We also care a lot about the people we work with and for and view relationships and results as inseparable.

We are always looking for great people to work with:

Our news

  • 19 March 2013

    CEIBS HR Forum

    This past Sunday, Jeremiah and I had the opportunity to present at China Europe International Business School’s (CEIBS) HR forum on organizational culture. Along with representatives from Mercer, Towers Watson, and CEIBS, we gave a one-hour presentation on our approach to culture development. We had a great time introducing Reya’s model, exploring simple rules, and connecting culture to our work with informal networks. Additionally, we were able to give the students a sneak preview of our soon-to-be-released study on organizational culture in China – more to come on that front. Hats off to Urvash and the rest of the CEIBS team for pulling it all together!

  • 18 December 2012

    LantyrnTM Success Profile launch

    We are pleased to announce the launch of our new individual development profile, the Lantyrn Success Profile. This is the updated version of our SCS Development Report. The complete refresh of the tool is designed to build on our commitment to help individuals understand themselves and how they connect with the people and groups around them. With the new profile comes more in depth, dynamic content, a revamped style, and a new cross-platform assessment.