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Our lines of service

Reya offers focused lines of service that represent our particular area of passion, expertise and experience.

Organizational Design and Innovation

The design of formal systems, processes, and structures within an organization plays a vital role in its overall performance. If an organization’s design does not align with its mission, culture, or employee needs, it will quickly become a restraining force and often results in a dysfunctional organizational environment. To help our clients with this task, we take a disciplined and research-based approach to organizational design that focuses on strategic alignment across the various aspects of the business.

Organizational Culture

The culture of a company can make or break its long term viability. We work with clients to translate the needs of a business into a culture and set of values that will motivate employees and drive the right behaviors across the organization. We work together with our clients to implement culture through leadership workshops, employee engagement, talent management, and alignment of organizational systems and practices.

Customer Experience

Companies can realize enormous value by building a market position based on delivering a superior customer experience. Whilst every company would like this, it is very difficult to build and maintain across large, complex, and fast changing businesses. We help our clients to build a rich dialogue with their customers and understand how to be the best at what matters most. That conversation is then systematized in order to provide feedback loops to front line employees. Finally, organizational systems and practices such as hiring, development, performance management, and rewards are aligned with the best customer-centric behaviors.

Change Management

Organizational change is a part of every company but is all too often under-appreciated and under-managed. Our philosophy of organizational change is centered around aligning both strategy and culture with the key challenges and opportunities that an organization faces. We work closely with each client to design and facilitate a science-based and human-centered approach to change that will result in the desired transformation.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is one of the most critical activities within an organization and, as such, should be purposefully designed and managed. Through a multi-disciplinary approach that combines design, science, and applied management, we help clients to develop clear, compelling, and effective organizational communication and engagement strategies that align with cultural and business imperatives. We begin with key messages and communication channels and are able to work all the way through to the detailed design of communication media and templates that take the form of print, digital, interactive, and motion graphics.

Integration Management

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A's) are a time for organizations to evaluate and rethink their historical operating principles and practices, to build upon strengths, and to maximize increased diversity of resources and capability. To ensure that a merger or acquisition is successful, it is also critical that the compatibility of organizations is considered and managed. Cultural and operational differences can undermine a seemingly good match. We work with clients to identify the key opportunities and risks surrounding an integration and help them to manage for a successful transition.
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