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We create positive organizational change.

As organizational consultants, we work closely with our clients and partners to co-develop solutions, facilitate transformation, and improve organizational performance.

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For companies looking to innovate their business, improve performance, and build resilience into their organizations Reya offers a distinct approach to organizational development. We work across all lines and levels within an organization to create substantial, lasting improvements.

Our organizational philosophy and diverse methods result in a unique service offering that sets us apart from other management and OD consultancies. Our team can speak many languages - Chinese, English, business, technology, aesthetics, statistics, psychology, philosophy - and is skilled at seamlessly embedding themselves within larger client teams. Our work has the most impact when we work together with clients who are interested in making their organizations more human and more responsive to change.

Our current lines of service center around: Organizational Design and Innovation, Organizational Culture, Change Management, M&A Integration, Customer Loyalty, and Employee Engagement