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Lantern™ SCS hiring profile

People are the most important part of an organization which makes selecting the right ones an absolute imperative.
The Lantern™ SCS (Socio-Cultural Style) Profile identifies a person’s core values, strengths, and working style in order to make the right decisions for hiring. These aspects of a person are a central part of their identity and strongly influence how they see the world, make decisions and act. As key drivers of behavior, these styles will predict how an individual will perform in various contexts. Additionally, people prefer to work in environments that align with their personal style and with people who share their values. When there is a mismatch in these areas, performance suffers, employees are less engaged, and the likelihood of departure is far greater.

The SCS Assessment survey measures a comprehensive inventory of values, strengths, interests, and emotions and has shown to be a strong predictor of both successful hiring integration as well as ongoing individual performance.

Key benefits include:

  • Hiring for culture alignment. The fastest way to change a culture – or maintain a high performing one – is to ensure you have the right people for your desired culture. The SCS profile ensures that new hires align with your cultural imperatives.

  • More effective team dynamics. Value alignment between employees and between managers and their team members will lead to higher team performance and more positive group dynamics.

  • Decreased turnover costs. When people fit better with the culture of a company, turnover rates can be dramatically decreased, resulting in significantly lower HR costs.

  • Proven links to performance. Strong alignment between culture and values can be linked directly with key business outcomes such as speed of new employee onboarding, employee engagement, group performance, and customer satisfaction.

Generate powerful hiring profiles fast.

With an automated web survey, you’ll be able to see how well a candidate fits with your current and desired culture as well as the target job role. These profiles can be quickly customized to suit your individual reporting needs.
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