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Lantern™ OCA culture diagnostics

Diagnose and develop high performing cultures using an integrative model of human behavior.
Lantern™ OCA (Organizational Culture Alignment) is a comprehensive diagnostic toolkit for strengthening organizational culture and performance. Large companies around the world such as Kraft, GM, Merck, and Microsoft have come to the conclusion that culture is a central force behind the survival of their organizations. Traditional management approaches that focus primarily on strategy and structure are no longer sufficient.

Using Lantern™ OCA, the current and desired company culture are modeled as well as two of the most critical considerations related to culture - employee motivations and external business environment. This approach is unique in its emphasis on alignment of culture with key success factors. Whereas other approaches to company culture focus primarily on manager assessments for their cultural targeting, Lantern methodology places this within a larger context, ensuring greater relevance and predictive power.

Key benefits include:

  • Identifying group strengths and weaknesses. The cultural development and fitness of a group will determine how well it functions internally as well as with other groups.

  • Managing change and integration. Cultural profiles are extremely useful in managing organizational transitions- whether they be mergers, acquisitions, or change management initiatives. Understanding company and group cultures can dramatically reduce the risks of change and help to create successful transformations.

  • Driving the right behavior. More than any other component in an organization, culture holds the power to strongly influence the behavior and attitudes of employees. Linking with what people value and how they think can dramatically improve engagement and citizenship behavior.

  • Proven links to performance. Culture alignment can be linked directly with key business outcomes such as employee engagement, customer satisfaction and even financial performance.

An integrative model for Culture Alignment.

There are subtle but powerful similarities in the structure and behavior of values, cultures, societies, minds, bodies, and brains. The relationships between these very different aspects of humans are complex and difficult to map but there are consistent patterns that play a major role in how people, organizations, and other social structures behave.

Easy data collection and insight reporting.

Web-based surveys and automated insight reports make the process of culture diagnosis fast and simple.
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