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Mapping Informal Networks

Hidden beneath the surface of every organization is a complex web of relationships, influence, and information exchange. Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) can illuminate the hidden social dynamics within an organization and unleash the full potential of your people.

Lantern™ ONA Network Analysis software allows you to:

▪ Create “Power Maps” of influence in an organization
▪ Diagnose group dynamics and health
▪ Manage M&A's and other integrations more effectively
▪ Map information and expertise sharing
▪ Manage distributed teams
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Aligning Organizational Culture

For an organization to thrive, culture must be aligned with the key challenges and opportunities that it faces. The company strategy, environmental conditions, and employee values must all be factored into a high performing organizational culture.

Lantern™ OCA culture diagnostics software allows you to:

▪ Link culture with strategy and key success factors
▪ Diagnose organizational dynamics and health
▪ Manage integration and change more effectively
▪ Develop high performing teams
▪ Assess fit between employees and company culture
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