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The Reya Partnership Network

The Reya Partner Network is focused on helping fellow organizational innovators realize their full potential by equipping them with leading edge research tools. We believe the value of Reya's products shines through the success of our partners.
"In a short time, Reya Group has become a global leader in the development of cutting edge organizational models, methods, and toolkits."
-Sam Lam, President and Managing Consultant Linkage Asia

"Reya Group's Lantern tool is like a cultural MRI, showing areas of strength, areas that are weak, and exactly what actions will result in a better culture capable of greater performance."
- Dave Logan, CultureSync founder, author of Tribal Leadership, and a professor at the USC Marshall School of Business

"I have always believed that one of the greatest elements of a successful organization is the capability of its leaders to listen and to develop a meaningful and lasting relationship with both employees and customers. TNT has achieved this with Reya Group's people and tools."
- Shalom Saada Saar, Professor of Management and Founder of the Center for Leadership Development, Harvard University
The Reya Partner Network is a globally dispersed but like-minded community of experienced professionals from diverse disciplines with deep-rooted experience in both management and science; academics and practitioners.

We work with different types of partners including:

  • Consultants apply our toolkits to solve organizational problems
  • Academic researchers interested in applying complexity and the new sciences to how we organize and manage our businesses
  • Technologists developing platforms to support more effective organizations through smarter infrastructure

Research and Consulting Products

Our organizational research products are licensed to partners on a project basis. For more information on licensing these products, write to jesse@reyagroup.com

   LOOM™ is an integrative framework for the assessment and prioritization of key organizational factors that lead to business success
   Lantern™ ONA is an informal relationship mapping toolkit that measures flows of energy, trust, information, collaboration, and shared values
   Lantern™ OCA is a culture diagnostic tool that does a gap analysis between the current culture, employee values and the external business environment
   Lantern™ SCS Profile is a hiring and selection tool that is directly linked to the culture strategy developed with Lantern™ OCA

Additional Resources

In support of partners, we provide training in company culture and organizational network analysis. In addition, we build customized education and development programs based on needs that arise.