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It’s time for new organizational forms to emerge.

"We are not hapless beings caught in the grip of forces we can do little about…Organization has been made by man; it can be changed by man”

                  - William H. Whyte
One of our goals as a company is to put forth new possibilities around how people organize. To achieve such an ambitious goal, we believe it is necessary to work more cooperatively though open platforms of research and development. And so we have launched the following activities as open-source, collaborative endeavors. We welcome all like-minded organizational thinkers in this dialog.
Introducing Open Organization.

Open Organization is both a philosophy and a platform for sharing organizational ideas, methods, and forms. The underlying philosophy beneath open organization is that we have become overly reliant on competition at the great cost of marginalizing cooperation as a viable strategy for advancement. While competition can be a positive force for change and improvement, it is in connecting with others that we experience the most valuable and profound transformation and learning.

  • New Forms. The act of aligning a company to its key opportunities and challenges is a central part of organizational adaptation and effectiveness. Read more ▶

  • Open Theory Of Organization (OTO2). Often overlooked, an integrative theory of organization provides an essential conceptual foundation for organizational research and practice. Read more ▶

  • History of Organizing. An historical perspective on organizational forms and methods affords valuable insights into why organizations operate as they do today and how they might evolve in the future. Coming Soon.

  • Recommended Reading. A list of books that we have found particularly helpful in our work and have strongly influenced our approach to Organizational Development. Read more ▶


Reya Research Log.

A record of our latest organizational research findings, ideas, and links to other interesting and useful findings. Read what we're finding ▶