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Reya member spotlight

Like any organization, our potential begins and ends with our people. Our members are the seeds of Reya’s future.
Jesse Price is a Founding Partner at Reya Group and serves on Reya's Management Board as Managing Director. Jesse is responsible for strategy, client services, and alliance partner formation.

In his more than 11 years in China, Jesse has been both entrepreneur and innovator, having founded and launched a number of leading brands. Prior to Reya, He was the Asia Pacific and Middle East client services director for Ideation Group; marketing director and part of the founding management team for Design Republic; a founder of one of Shanghai’s leading Brand Consulting Firms; and the Provost of Sias University of Business and Management, a school celebrating its 12th anniversary with 22,000 students. Jesse has BS in International Business from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California.


Jesse lives in Shanghai with his wife and 3 sons. His family actively supports under-privileged children in China through working with a government run orphanage, opening their home to foster children, and supporting life saving surgeries for orphans. In addition, his family enjoys spending time diving, reading, watching movies, cooking, biking, and jumping on the trampoline.


Jesse believes that the global reach and resources of modern corporations provide a platform for transforming and healing our families, communities, and world. He desires to contribute to this change by connecting people and ideas to create, explore, and implement new possibilities for organization.

Contribution to Reya

Jesse led the legal and operational establishment of Reya as well as the ongoing development of our corporate structure. On the client side, his background in branding has fed into Reya's service offering and a focus on not only developing recommendations, but implementing large scale change initiatives. In addition, Jesse's hunger for new ideas, desire to challenge the status quo, and passion for communication, make him an effective spokesperson for Reya.

Jesse Price

Member since 2008