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Reya Group is a unique research and consulting practice focused on designing and transforming large organizations.

We help organizations become more human and more responsive to change, thereby creating higher performing, healthier companies. We are experienced in facilitating organizational change within large companies across Asia Pacific and around the world. We thrive on learning from ancient wisdom while experimenting with and modeling radical new solutions within our own organization and in partnership with our clients.

Our name, Reya 睿芽 [ruì yá] stems from two somewhat opposing concepts. 睿 [ruì]: wisdom, maturity, experience. A Chinese character that describes a person who is calm, wise and measured in their judgement. 芽 [yá]: sprout. A chinese character describing a freshly sprouting seed that has the connotation of young and hopeful.

Our History

The founding Reya team arose out of a small skunk works within a multinational design and manufacturing company. The original members of Reya spent years together conducting R&D, consulting for clients, and acting as a change agent within their former organization before spinning out as a new company.

While Reya still maintains a strategic alliance with its previous parent company, the focus of its work has changed dramatically from its original mandate as an internal innovator.

Reya is fully owned by its founding members.

Our Challenge

Organization as we know it has been stretched to it's limits.

Models and methods that have been employed for centuries are now creaking, cracking, and collapsing under the pressure of massive changes.

At the center of this change and challenge are people. It is the members of organizations that are experiencing increasing pressure, confusion, and frustration as they try to make their organizations work as well as find new, simple ways to lead, manage, and exist within their companies.

Our Aspiration

Reya reinvents organizations by providing new organizational designs and methods to companies interested in transformational change. We accomplish this by bringing together new science and age-old patterns drawn from nature and history.

Companies in the future will no longer rely on mechanistic, overly simplistic models. Far greater emphasis will be placed on people, culture, social networks, and emergence. Future organizations will be called upon to not just sustain themselves, but also to nourish the communities and environments they exist within.

Our aspiration drives us to design and develop new forms of organization. We provide consulting services and tools that help organizations improve how they do things in both dramatic and subtle ways.

Our People

Our people are the heart of Reya Group. Over the years, Reya has worked hard to foster both diversity and cohesion within its team. One way that we build resilience in our team is with our Membership Model. Every employee of Reya undergoes a process over a number of years that formalizes their role and contribution and welcomes them in as long-term members of our organization. While we have nearly 20 people that make up our team currently, only 5 of us have completed the full membership process thus far. You can learn more about them in the Member Spotlight section.

Our Workplace

The Reya team is based in Shanghai and occupies a fully renovated 1914 townhouse. Our office reflects our culture and identity and is located on a quiet, tree-lined street in the French Concession of Shanghai. We use our space for client workshops as well as intimate gatherings of artists, filmmakers, photographers, researchers, business leaders, clients, and NGOs.

The former residence of Sun Yat Sen, the father of modern China, lies just a short sycamore lined street down from us. The address of our office can be found on our contact page.